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•         Headaches

•         Neck/back pain

•         Arthritis/joint pain/stiffness

•         Fibromyalgia

•         Arm/leg pain

•         Acute disc pain

•         Sciatica

•         Degenerative Disc Disease

•         Carpal tunnel/wrist pain

•         Rotator cuff/shoulder pain

•         Knee pain

•         Plantar fasciitis

•         Tennis elbow

•         TMJ pain

•         Tendon/ligament pain

•         Sports injuries

•         Auto accidents

•         Workers comp injuries

•         Metabolic syndrome

•         Digestive problems

•         Leaky gut

Improve your quality of life by visiting us today.  Dr. Latanishen will reduce or eliminate your pain, promote healing and restore your ability to function using a variety of techniques including the best manual adjusting techniques that your problem requires such as:  orthospinology, diversified, Thompson, activator, extremity adjusting, soft tissue release techniques including trigger point release, Graston, longitudinal and cross friction.  Exercise rehabilitation with strength training for muscle balancing, stretching and posture correction, orthotics, nutrition, diet, detox and weight loss concerns are addressed as well.  Our body works as a whole not in parts.

We offer care for:

Prevent injuries and pain with chiropractic services

You can become injured at any time and any age. Chiropractic treatment effectively improves posture and increase patients’ overall health. Chiropractic patients report less pain as they age.


Dr. Latanishen is trained in the Graston Technique for treatment of myofascial pain syndromes (scar tissue developing in muscle and fascia) which can cause abnormal movement patterns of any joint in the body as well as stiffness, immobility of muscle and fascia – this can cause pain and osteoarthritis.

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Precision chiropractic care

We specialize in auto- and work-related injuries. Auto and workers’ compensation will, usually, pay 100% of your expenses.  

Most insurance is accepted.

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